Brother DSMobile DS-600 Scanner Review

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Shoddy scanning jobs have consequences but some people just don’t care and it makes them lose a lot in the end. However flawless scanning of documents does matter to some people. The perfect way to go is by making use of the Brother DSMobile DS600 scanner. The new product is very powerful and can deliver fast when good quality is needed. The device is also compact in size and lightweight, which are advantages that make it to be well accepted by people who need the equipment.

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With the way the Brother DSMobile DS-600 scanner has been combined with dynamic software, it is capable of providing for its user exceptional quality scanning. With it also, scanning as well as easy management of documents and photos could actually be fun. The equipment is capable of providing a high-resolution scan and this is made use of with high speed USB 2.0 interface. The software added to the equipment will go a long way in enhancing and making simple every scanning needs.

Brother DSMobile DS 600 Scanner Features

  • Scans business cards, white or color photos and documents
  • Lightweight and Compact at 12.2 oz and 11.1” x 1.9” x 1.6”
  • High-quality output resolution – 600 dpi
  • Output to PDF, JPEG or TIFF formats
  • Powered by the USB cable and scans 5 pages per minute
  • Comes with carrying bag, USB cable, two photo sleeves, software CD and user manual
  • Free Shipping

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One of the beauties of the Brother DS600 DSMobile scanner is that it is not difficult to use. Even if you are completely new to the use of such stuff as a scanner, you will discover that the learning curve is something you can overcome within a short period. Whether it is intended to be used at home or for mobile professionals, this model of color scanner is just ideal for anyone and can be easily be used for scanning.

The equipment can be connected directly to the computer by using a USB cable. This way you can scan as well as have images of your documents saved to your computer. The power for the scanning comes from the USB cable and there is no need for a separate power supply. There is so much ease that accompanies the use of this device that you will have the whole task ahead of you properly organized.

Brother DSMobile DS600 Review

Over 74 customers have posted online reviews for the Brother DS600 scanner with a average rating of 4.5 stars. Out of these 74 reviews, over 68 of them have been exceedingly positive. The size of the device is small and with the compact design, it doesn’t require much space and can find a little space on your desk or you can even have it slipped into your laptop case. You can therefore have documents scanned on the go choosing whatever format you desire like Adobe Acrobat PDF, JPEG and TIFF. There is no need for batteries and there is no need for another AC power supply source. Space and money are conserved this way because the USB connector on your computer is the source of the power for the device.

The fact that the Brother DS Mobile DS-600 Scanner is small and compact in size does not mean it is fragile and would require repairs often. Just like any device that is serving you well, there are some basic precautionary measures that you will have to take so as to preserve it for a long time. The very best place to buy the Brother DS Mobile 600 scanner is from Amazon. They have the lowest price around that I could find and they have free shipping (at least they did at the time of writing this) which made for an even better deal. All around, I believe anyone would be happy ordering from Amazon. Click here to check it out.

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There are many benefits you stand to enjoy in the use of Brother DS600 DSMobile scanner from going paperless since you can now have your documents scanned and saved to sharing of documents very easily. In the world of today, having this type of equipment is highly necessarily so as to make life easier and better too.


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