Couragent Flip-Pal 100c Portable Scanner Review

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Couragent Flip-Pal 100c portable scanner is one of the best devices available in the market. This is especially of great help, to those who love to keep memories of events, with photos or even images in books and magazines. This device will serve the best purpose for you, it is also very reliable.  The memories of taken or scanned images, works of art, magazines and photos are digitally stored.  These can later be shared with the family.

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This scanner has a patented flip and scan technology, which allows a person to scan photos through safely while, still safe in the photo album or frame. This combination of mobility is a unique feature. In addition, it exhibits accuracy, keeps the original safe and versatile.

Couragent Flip-Pal 100c Scanner Features

  • Scans drawings, photos, quilts, newspapers, jewelry or coins etc.
  • Patented “flip-and-scan” technology allows you to scan album photos in place
  • Battery-powered, stores images on SD Card – no need for a PC
  • Quick and Easy – push one button to scan
  • Outputs high quality high resolution digital image that retains the detail and color
  • No software to install and complicated manual
  • 12 x 9 x 2 inches and 1.5 pounds

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The Flip-Pal 100c scanner has features like the flip Pal TM mobile scanner, which essentially is very simple to operate; it also has very high resolution, scans quickly. The scanner is also powered by battery and it is cordless. This means that you don’t even need a computer. The scanner also has an onboard memory as storage for your scanned images or photos.

Couragent Flip-Pal 100c Review

The consumers who have tried out this product had a lot to say. For instance, some consumers liked the fast scanning nature of the couragent portable scanner. They were able to scan even old pictures of about 100 within a very short period. They liked the light nature of the scanner that makes it very portable and does not become a bother to carry along each time one goes out.

Consumers also liked the level of efficiency and effectiveness of this flip-pal mobile scanner. This is in the sense that they were able to even scan very important documents and were very amazed by the quality of the scan. Not only does it scan perfectly, but also the old photos came out perfectly. The level of neatness in the way the scanned files are arranged was very captivating; the photos were well organized. The consumers were very excited about the flip pal feature of the scanner and the level of its accuracy was very outstanding. They in turn said they liked the reliability of the couragent scanner. Click here to read more reviews.

Majority of the consumers were very adamant that the price, of this very efficient device will come down soon, so that they could purchase it for their family members. The slim figure although was appreciated it was a little slippery.

The Couragent Flip-Pal 100c portable scanner is very reliable for anyone who wishes to store the memories that they have. It is very efficient and accurate. The scanning speed of this scanner is very amazing. I would suggest you purchase one for yourself and attest to these facts. It received a rating of 4.8 of out 5 stars from 36 consumers who have bought and used it. Click here to check it out.


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