NeatDesk Desktop Scanner – Digital Filing System Review

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The NeatDesk Desktop Scanner and Digital Filing System is designed to help the user turn a shoe box full of important papers, receipts and other documents into a more organized account of the information. The technology built-in has the ability to extract only the important information and then organize it into a much more understandable result automatically. With the software loaded on your computer the resulting information can made into a pdf or exported into several other software programs.

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The heart of the Neat Desk digital filing system, is a high-speed desktop scanner which is capable of scanning multiple documents in a variety of sizes; including business cards, paper receipts and invoices. With the input tray you can load 10 receipts, business cards and 10 documents by removing the tray and then putting the tray back into the machine. You can also scan a single document of up to 50 pages.

NeatDesk Desktop Scanner Features

  • Scan receipts, documents and business cards etc.
  • Data can be easily export to Outlook, QuickBooks, Quicken, Excel and TurboTax.
  • Scan document into searchable PDF files
  • Faster scanning ADF scanner
  • Windows XP & Vista & 7 compatible
  • 13 x 9 x 9 inches and weights 7.7 pounds

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Once the information is scanned into your computer, the Neatworks 4.0 software takes over and extracts all of the important data and organizes it for you. The software acts like a virtual file cabinet to put all of the data into its proper place so it can be exported in other software that you might use for accounting, taxes and spreadsheets. Such as PDF, MS Excel, Quicken, Quickbooks and TurboTax software etc.

Along with receipts and tax information, you can scan a stack of business cards you may have collected at a recent seminar or trade show and then use the NeatWorks 4.0 software to extract all information and organize it and transfer it to program like digital Roladex and create an easy to use mailing list.

The complete system includes Auto Document Feed Scanner, NeatWorks 4.0 Software, quick start guide and power supply. It also includes scanner calibration and cleaning paper to ensure that it continues to operate correctly.

NeatDesk Scanner Review

After looking through many reviews posted online for the NeatDesk desktop scanner and digital filing system the majority of the comments posted were positive. One reviewer pointed out that the scanner was well designed and looked attractive. Another reviewer pointed out that the scanner was very fast and the software did a good job of organizing the data. Another reviewer pointed out that it is capable of scanning both sides of the document without slowing down and it even scanned in full color. Click here to read more reviews.

However, a few reviewers pointed out that it had a few flaws. One reviewer pointed out that the scanner would draw the pages to be scanned in the incorrect order and that would cause the pages to be saved in jumbled order. They were quick to point out a quick fix to problem, they figured out that you have to put the document in face up and everything is scanned in from the last page to the front. Your physical document will come out sorted, and the software will reverse the order of the scanned pages for you so the electronic document is correct. A few other reviewers pointed out that it does not have an auto rotate feature to correct the scan if the document goes in crooked it cannot fix the image by itself. The vast proportion of reviewers had none of these issues.

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Although there were a few more negative reviews on than we would normally like to see, there were still more positive reviews than negative and when looking at other websites every review but one was extremely positive. The system received an average of 3 stars rating from with 175 reviews. Based on the reviews posted online for the NeatDesk Desktop Scanner and Digital Filing System it is very good value and I would recommend anyone to take a look at this system. Click here to check it out.

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