Brother DSMobile DS-600 Review

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There is need to go with the technology and what a better way to do it than getting yourself a Brother DSMobile DS-600 Scanner. With the need to getting the tedious paper work out of the way, this scanner does a perfect job doing this. The scanner which measures just 11” in length and 1.9” X 1.6” in width and depth makes it very ideal to carry it whenever one is going. For those who travel a lot to the field and are forced to carry back to the office tons of paperwork because of lack of a better way, then this scanner solves all these in one fine sweep. Click here to check it out.

Brother DSMobile DS-600 Features

The great thing about this scanner is that it is very portable; besides its measurements being neat it is also very light and looks very cute. The most amazing and extremely good thing about this scanner is that it draws its power directly from the computer that you are using. It will therefore be very easy for you to go to the field or a business trip or even a meeting and just connect the Brother DSMobile DS-600 Scanner to the laptop and the job will be done.

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The conventional scanners do accept different varying types and sizes of papers to scan, well, the Scanner accepts almost every kind of paper starting from a simple small photo to the papers that measure up to 8.5 by 14”. This makes it practically capable of scanning all kinds of paper that an office or business enterprise could be having ranging from receipts to newspapers.

The Brother DS-600 Scanner comes with a USB cable which is detachable. The portable scanner port is 2.0, though this might frighten you of the possibility that the scanner will sup up all the laptop power while in the middle of field work, it uses very little power on the contrary. The power consumed by the scanner is just 0.2W when it is in the standby mode.

Brother DSMobile DS-600 Review

Because of its uniqueness and portability the Brother DS-600 Scanner has received more than its share of acclaim. It has received and still continues to be praised for its quality work that it gives the user. It is also loved by many because it can very easily fit in the laptop bag and life continues as normal. At Amazon the reviews received are around 130 and of these 100 of them have a 4.00 Star or more. On average the rating is 4.0 stars. Click here to read more reviews.

The biggest undoing for this Scanner would be the fact that it can’t scan books. I think even by the design and the idea behind the manufacturing of this scanner is to have a mobile scanning faculty when on the move and a book doesn’t really come into picture during such occasions.

The Brother DS-600 Scanner  being able to scan TIFF, Adobe Acrobat, JPEG it definitely qualifies to be called the portable scanner of the millennium. The price is definitely reasonable and anyone in need of a good portable scanner with good results should look no further. Click here to buy from Amazon with free shipping and 13% discount Now!

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